US Attorney Liu: Drop the #J20 charges ...NOW!

April 2-3, 2018

The first trial is over: 6 defendants, 42 charges—all NOT GUILTY

Despite clear messages from a judge and jury, prosecutors refuse to let 59 people with pending cases move on with their lives.

The US Attorney for DC has the power to change that.

Help us call on the US Attorney:

A call script, background info, and phone numbers can be found here, and in your email reminder!


Call Script

For maximum impact:

-- Make it personal. Why are you upset?
-- Let them respond. Make it a conversation.
-- Ask them what they plan to do in response to public comment.
-- End with a clear call to action.

Hello. My name is __________.

I am calling because I've heard reports that 59 Inauguration protesters are still facing excessive criminal charges.

In light of the first trial's outcome--where the judge threw out one charge for complete lack of evidence, and the jury handed down ‘not-guilty’ verdicts for the rest--I ask that your office drop the remaining charges.

Over the last year, you have pushed every limit – making these prosecutions as disruptive as possible, and the investigations surrounding this case as intrusive as possible.

You have used over-inflated charges to coerce plea deals, and gag orders to protect the police from public accountability.

Prosecutors have the choice of when or how to bring charges. Your office has abused that power to punish, repress, and intimidate.

Drop the charges. NOW.

Phone Numbers:

OfficialInfoPhone Number
Jennifer Kerkhoff Assist. US Attorney, J20 main prosecutor (202) 252-7380
Lisa GreeneDeputy Chief of the Superior Court Division, Kerkhoff's supervisor(202) 252-7485
Richard TischnerChief of the Superior Court Division, Kerkhoff's supervisor(202) 252-7274
Jessie LiuUS Attorney for DC (general line - use directory/operator)(202) 252-7566
John BorchertAssistant J20 prosecutor (esp. DreamHost and Facebook warrants)(202) 252-7679
Rizwan QureshiAssistant J20 prosecutor (general line - use directory/operator)(202) 252-7566
John GidezChief of the Felony Major Crimes Trial Section, Kerkhoff's colleague(202) 252-6752